Here at Spotlite Entertainment we pride ourselves on being a local, Okanagan-grown business. Despite the fact that we’ve expanded to locations across Western Canada and now serve multinational Fortune 500 clients, we have never lost sight of our roots and our passion to give back to the community that has unduly supported our ventures. Charities and community resources are organizations that are absolutely integral to our community – they truly do form the pillars of our society and we must never underestimate the number of local citizens that rely on these organizations for support. Unfortunately, many organizations are forgotten about outside of the holiday season and our community has witnessed the closure of several of our vital resources due to lack of funding and volunteer help. As such, Spotlite Entertainment is eager to give back to our community’s local charities and resources through year-round pro-bono marketing, advertising, and event fundraising support. If you know of a local charity, community resource center, or non-profit campaign that could use the assistance of our Spotlite team, please do not hesitate to give us an opportunity to give back to this amazing community that has fostered our own success.