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If it weren’t for the lively city of Calgary, Spotlite’s presence in Alberta would be incomparable to where we are at today.  2010 was our first year of operation in Calgary, year after year our promotional models have been hired to work at Western Canada’s most reputable event, the Calgary Stampede. Our team is especially thankful to our collaborating partners, who have assisted us in gaining public exposure across the city.  In early June of 2013, we hired on a territory manager who has been a staple to our success and a key in the management of our overwhelming growth in Calgary Alberta. Today we work with companies such as Molson Canada, Royal Tissue, OTI Greentech, Rainmaker Calgary and Opa Greek House and have staffed events such as The Rocky Mountain Food and Wine Festival, The Calgary Stampede, Cowboys Casino, Ranchman’s second annual pool party, and the Cohesian Golf Tournament.