3 Ways to Trick Yourself Into a Better Workout

Written by admin


1. Set a Goal every workout you have.

Whether that be 1 more pushup, 5 more pounds to your squats, 1 min on your cardio, drink proper amounts of water, try this for 1 week and see if you feel a difference

2. Try doing a 30-60 min workout like a jog, brisk walk to start your day off, that way if your day gets busy you get you exercise in for that day

Try doing this for 1 week and see how you feel if you are already doing cardio/workouts first thing in the morning and are having troubles keeping motivated, try doing a different workout even just once a week for a month, that workout could be Pilates, Yoga, Dance, etc

3. Change the way you look at your workouts

For example, prep yourself by thinking this is only 3-4% of my day, positively think to yourself that this is your time to yourself and you deserve it.