Omelet Recipe

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Omelet Recipe:

Kitchen Items:

non-stick 7 inch frying pan
mixing bowl
Recipe Ingredients:

butter or cooking spray
2 eggs
milk of choice
shredded cheese (either Swiss or American)
salt and pepper
Here’s a Simple Recipe on How to Make an Omelet

Recipe Instructions:

First, place your frying pan on the stove, warming it over medium heat. Take the stick of butter and lightly grease the pan (you can also use cooking spray)

Next take two eggs, gently crack them open and place them in a bowl. Next add two tablespoons of milk to the bowl of eggs. Whisk the eggs using a fork until the yokes have completely separated. Finally, add salt, pepper and now you egg mixture is complete.
Once you hear the sizzling of the butter, pour the egg mixture into the pan. Let the eggs sit for just a minute. Since the eggs will begin to cook at the outer edge first, take the spatula and gently move the eggs from the outer edge to the middle of the pan. Continue this process until the eggs are no longer in a liquid state.

At this time, you can add any omelet fillings you like – such as vegetables, cooked meats, fresh herbs to one side of the omelet. Don’t forget to add the shredded cheese to the same side. Now take the spatula and place it under the other side of the eggs and fold it over onto the cheese side. Continue to cook the omelet until the cheese has melted.
Lastly, using the spatula take the omelet out of the pan and place on a plate.
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