Ducati Live Marketing Team Canada

Written by ashley

Promotional Models Vancouver

After an in-depth screening and training process, select promotional models from our Canadian roster were specifically selected to represent our client; Ducati,  a sought after italian company that designs and manufactures top quality motorcycles. Our brand ambassadors represented the brand at the Canadian ATV and Motorcycle Show in the following cities: Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec City, Moncton and Toronto.

Objective:  Generate and collect leads specifically targeting a demographic in which expresses purchase interest, and or interest in the product.

Description: A live marketing team was formed based on Duacti’s brand image specifications. Once our team had completed product knowledge training, the Ducati Live Marketing team got to work. As live marketing representatives our team was responsible to engage with customers once a customer relationship was established and a potential customer with purchase interest was recognized our team utilized an innovative iPad lead generation program as a means to collect contact information.

Results: Our client was thrilled with the results. The quality leads were able to generate immediate sales in a number of the cities in which our live marketing team performed in.


What our clients had to say about our reps:


“I just wanted to let you know that the 2 girls at the Quebec show are doing a terrific job! I’m checking with your company if it’s possible to use them for the Montreal Show. First, they are really good in engaging the customer but they surprised me by being familiar with our products the first day. Secondly, they are able to identify customer with a high purchase interest and because of it, we were able to close a few deals.”
Melissa Tyo
Regional Business Manager – Eastern Canada
Ducati North America


“Hello Ashley – I heard about the amazing leads the girls did in Edmonton. Thank you and congratulations to the girls; I think they made the highest quota of leads recorded in Canada for our company.”


Rose Jeon
Events Manager
Ducati North America, Inc.