The Tango sponsorship Activation, West Kelowna

Written by ashley

The Tango sponsorship Activation

As our team wrapped up a successful year, we couldn’t help but to write a note about the awesome experience behind the West Side Warriors Hockey Team Activation.  Each home game was an absolute pleasure for our experiential marketing team to be a part of.  The management was well organized and accommodating, the attendee’s were absolutely fabulous and made the jobs of our live marketing team extremely enjoyable and our brand ambassadors absolutely loved representing Tango Team which is a division of Kelowna, British Columbias most popular news website We truly cannot wait for this exciting seasonal campaign to start up again next year!

Campaign Information:

OBJECTIVE: To create a positive experience for all attendee’s of the Westside Warriors Home Games.

DESCRIPTION: With market research targeting the specific needs and interests of the target demographic, our experiential marketing team brought life to each home game with a number of engaging activities. Our live marketing representatives ran competitions in the audience for free pizza and Candadian tire gift cards, drove the Tango branded quad across the ice at half time shooting branded t-shirts into the crowd, passed out tattoo’s, swag and took photos with the young guests!

RESULTS: Attendance for the Westside Warriors Games increased, and the overall atmosphere of the stadium was tuned up! Our representatives absolutely love being involved and look forward to each game they are a part of.